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Glo Bounce Tariff Plan: Call for N3/min, Free 30mb And SMS


With a view to setting the pace in the Nigeria communication industry by providing flexible tariff plans coupled with numerous goodies amidst others, Globacom Nigeria yet arrives with a new mind-blowing tariff plan which allows you to call for as low as N3/min or 5k/sec.

Th new tariff plan, Glo Bounce tariff plan is loaded with lots of freebes which include free data (mb) for browsing, low call rates to both on-net and off-netlines, special call rates for some special numbers and lots more. And what's more! The new Glo Bounce tariff plan is available to both new and existing Glo prepaid subscribers!

How to Migrate to Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

To migrate to the new Glo Bounce tariff plan and start enjoying these unlimited discounts,dial;

Benefits of the New Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

1- Lowest Call Rate of 12k/sec or N7/min: the new Glo Bounce tariff plan offers the lowest call rate in the Nigeria telecommunication industry -a flat low call rate to both on-net and off-net lines.
2- Lowest In-Package Call Rate: a Glo subscriber on the Bounce tariff plan can also call another Glo subscriber within the same Glo bounce tariff plan at just 5k/sec or N3/min.
3- Cheapest SMS Charges: Glo subscriber within Glo bounce tariff plan can also send text messages (SMS) at just N3 per SMS.
4- Campus Zone is also an added value for Glo Bounce subscribers. If you migrate to the Glo Bounce tariff plan, you should also opt in for the campus zone by dialing *170*9#.

If you opt in for campus zone, you can also call all Glo numbers at just 5k/sec.

5- Free night calls: under the bounce tariff plan you will also be eligible to make free night calls if you Use at least; N30 between 00:01 and 23:59. The free night call is between 00:00 to 04:59, and to ONLY Glo numbers every day.
6- Free data for browsing the internet: 30MB free data is given on every recharge of N200 and above. This free data is Valid for 7 days.

ONLY a recharge of N200 gives you 30MB i.e if you recharge another N200 on the same day or day after, you get another 30MB plus your previous data balance and expiry.
30mb + 30mb valid for 7days + 7days =60mb valid for 14days.
7- Also, on migration to the Glo Bounce tariff plan, you get free SMS for every SMS sent i.e if you send an SMS now, your next SMS to any network in Nigeria would be free for that day.

How To De-Activate the Glo BOUNCE Tariff Plan

Just in case and for any reason, you wish to deactivate the Glo Bounce tariff plan, you can simply dial the migration code of the particular Glo tariff plan of your choice.

You can also dial; *170*0# to dereg or cancel the Glo Bounce tariff plan from your line.

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