How to Back Up your Android Phone's Contact

Just in case you need to move your contacts from one Android phone to another, you might find this page useful when circumstances as such occur.

Although, Google backs up your contacts by default into a secured server once you have enabled back-ground data and added an email (Gmail) address to your Android phone during set up, you might still find this method useful and even faster compared to the time it takes to sync your contacts between the devices when using the Android built-in contacts backup.

Manually Backing Up your Contacts On Android Devices

Most Android OS devices come with built-in contact importer or exporter program and you can always make use of this utility for as long as you have a working SD/Media Card (External Memory Space) installed on your phone.

To Back Up your Contacts:

1- Simply navigate to the contacts/Phone Book icon on your phone and lunch it by clicking on it.

2- Press the "Menu Button" and select the "Import/Export" option. A dialogue box should pop out asking you to choose where to import from or export to.

3- Select the "Export to SD Card" option. Here, another dialogue box should pop out asking you to choose the account from which you wish to export. Select the desired account you wish to backup and proceed.
Almost immediately, the backup process begins and completes in at most, 5 minutes depending on the number of contacts you have and the speed of your device.


1- Please note that the backup is made on the SD Card (External Media Storage Space) mounted on your device.

2- You can import the backed-up contacts from the SD Card onto any Android device following the steps given above. Just mount the Media Storage card on the device to which you wish to import and select the appropriate options as given above.

To import contacts from your Blackberry smartphone or Symbian phone to your Android phone, visit this page: How to Backup a\And Restore your Contacts Across Blackberry, Android And Symbian Phones

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