How to Check the Details of Your Blackberry Device: IMEI, PIN And Others

Blackberry Web Settings

For one reason or another, you might need certain info about your Blackberry device like the device IMEI, BBM PIN and others which are more likely printed below or within the battery seat area of the device. But, what if these details are wiped off either, mistakenly or due to any circumstances? How do you locate your Blackberry smartphone's details?

First, you might wonder why would you need these details anyway? I bet you'll mostly need these details whenever your Blackberry smartphone develops any software problem or at least, inactive subscription requires your device IMEI and BBM PIN in order so solve the problem from their end.

Where to Locate these Details Within Your Blackberry Smartphone To locate these details within your Blackberry smartphone, just follow the directions below:

For Blackberry OS 5 or Lower: Click Menu Button <<>> Options <<>> Status,
For Blackberry OS 6 or Higher: Click Menu Button <<>> Options <<>> Device <<>> Status

Once you press STATUS, the next page that opens up should display your Blackberry smartphone's model, IMEI, signal strenght, battery status, BBM PIN, WLAN ID and some other details you might find useful.


What I mean by inactive subscription is when you subscribe for a BIS (Blackberry Internet Service), you are billed for it, received a confirmation message that you have subscribed, robooted or hard-reset your Blackberry smartphone and yet; the phone does not browse as per your subscription or that it does not browse at all.