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Safer Way to Debrand, Upgrade or Downgrade your HTC Desire/Tmobile G2

If you would think of debranding, upgrading or downgrading your Tmobile G2/HTC Desire smartphone, you should think of a better way to do it because debranding, upgrading or downgrading your Android OS phone could break the phone; rendering it completely useless.

For one reason or another, you might want to debrand, upgrade, or downgrade your phone.

An Instance:
A client once visited Aryk Enterprise workshop requesting for an aid to help him debrand his Tmobile G2. Whereas, he had tried debranding the phone and eventually got it breaked. When he arrived with such, the first question he was asked was: Why do you want to debrand the phone?
He gave his reasons and we proceeded.

First off, what do these terms: Breaking, Debranding, Upgrade And Down-grade means?


To put simply, breaking means getting your Android device permanently stocked at start-up. This usually happens when debranding your Android device and sometimes;during up-grade and Down-grade processes.


This means replacing the customized ROMs of a particular device made for certain service provider with the original ROM made by the phone manufactural.

As in the case of HTC Desire/Tmobile G2.
HTC made customized ROM of HTC Desire for Tmobile. And this is the reason why the HTC Desire Z is porpularly known as the Tmobile G2.

However, if you wish, you can replace the original ROM made by HTC with the customized ROM of the Tmobile G2 -that's called DEBRANDING!

Down-grading or Up-Grading:

This is just an implication of a simple english grammer.
To upgrade your Android phone is to install a newer version of the previous OS installed on the phone so that the phone may support more applications better and feature more utilities.

However, if your phone seems to be unsupportive of the new development, you may down-grade it.

Safely Debrand, Upgrade or Downgrade your HTC Desire/Tmobile G2

Although, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade your HTC Desire/Tmobile G2 via the SD Memory (External Memory Space) mounted on the device, it is neither a safe nor a better practice to upgrade, downgrade or debrand your Tmobile G2

In just about 15 minutes, you can upgrade or debrand your Tmobile G2 by following these simple steps:


In order to debrand your Tmobile G2, you need the following materials:

1- A Laptop/Desktop PC
2- A compatible USB cord/cable for your device; Tmobile G2
3- HTC Sync manager or HTC Suit installed on your PC, Laptop/Desktop
4- And lastly, your desired HTC Desire .EXE setup file to be ready on your PC.


Some PC may require java SDK installed before you could perform this operation successfully.

Debranding or Upgrading your Tmobile G2 -Step By Step Guide
The step by step guide below gives you a detailed info on how to debrand your Tmobile G2.

1- while the phone is on, go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Applications <<>> Development and from here. set USB Debug to ON.

2- Switch off the phone by pressing and holding the POWER button.

3- Switch on the phone into HBoot Options by pressing and holding both the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

4- Once the phone is turned on, scroll to the Fast Boot option and select.

5- On the page that displays next, scroll down to the Reboot Bootloader option and select it

5- Now, attach the compaible USB cord/cable for your phone to the PC; Laptop/Desktop USB port, then, connect the other end to your phone.
Now, if you have a copy of the HTC Desire ROM'S .EXE Setup file on your system, navigate to the folder in which you have it saved and double-click on it. In about a minute or two, the RUU, ROM Update program would be lunched.

7- Now, just follow the instructions as may be displayed by the RUU program untill the update is successfully completed.


- Please, be informed that your phone's battery must be at least, 30% charged before you begin the debranding or upgrade process.

- Unlike the SD Card or any other update options for Android devices, this process is completely reversible.

- Also note that all your contacts, messages, apps and other data/files would be lost during this process. For a quick note on how to backup all the data and files on your Tmobile G2 or HTC Desire and other Android devices, click here.

Happy Upgrading and Debranding!

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