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Three Essential Things to Do Before Formating or Uprading Android Phones

Besides the many windows programs that serve as PC Suites for most Android phones, you can still access the indepth root of your Android device to copy, save, or modify certain data that matter to you before formatiing or ugrading your Android OS phones.

As known that when you format or upgrade your Android device, it is most likely that you will loose most of your essential data and files on the phone and that is why, Within this article, we discuss three basic data you should take with you before formating or upgrading your Android device.

Three Major Files On Your Phone: How to Get Them Before Formating

As is the case with most people, even though it is needful, they hesitate to format or upgrade their phones perhaps, because of the data they might loose. Just read further down to learn how to safely backup your data before the formating or upgrading process.

1. Backing-Up Your Contacts

The number one data most mobile phone users care about in thier phone is their contacts. Though, Android backs up your contacts onto a Google server if you have enabled the background data and have at least, a Gmail/Google account running on your Android device.
But then, it is safer if you have your cantacts saved in an SD Card (External Data/Memory Space). For details on how to Backup your contacts, click here.

2- Backing-Up Your Messages

To some mobile phone users, their messages is probably more important than anything else on the phone. And worst still; Android provides no backup utility program for your messages.
But for this task, you can always trust SMS Backup And Restore utility app. SMS Backup And Restore is a utility program for Android users. This program helps you backup your SMSs into a folder on your external SD Card and you can always restore the backed-up messages onto any Android device in a later time.
For a detailed info on how to use SMS Backup And Restore app, click here.
To download and install the SMS Bacup And Restore App, click here.

Backing-up Your Applications

Backing up the installed applications on the phone is probably of no use to many mobile phone users yet, it is of greater use to others. Since you can always re-install your apps without the need to re-download any of these apps when your upgrade or formating is successfully completed.
For a detailed info on how to backup both the installed and the built-in apps on your Android device, click here.

Happy Backing-up!

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