Aryk DataShare Service Is Being Discontinued!

Data Share

If you are one of our fans that have once benefited or, still benefitting from the Aryk DataShare service, this is to inform you that the DataShare service is being suspended indefinitely. If you are still enjoying the service till now, it simply means that your most recent subscription is still active and yet to expire.

The DatShare Service?

In case you are new here and don't know what the Aryk DataShare is all about, it is a subsidized internet access made available to all Aryk fans that uses Glo lines.

With the DataShare Service, you could get a one month subscription with as little as N500 -this is no trick or cheats! It's just a normal subscription that connects you to the internet anywhere and at any time of the day for as long as you still have your subscription active.

Suspended or Discontinued. Why?

Well, with the use of the DataServ program, Aryk Enterprise manages to share a huge volume of data from Glo between our interested fans who may have requested to subscribe to the Aryk DataShare service. But as time goes by, our subscribers grow bigger and hugger and it became so hard for us to properly manage our subscription downlines and channels.

So, in a nut shell; it is the congestion that we are still unable to properly manage that brings about the indefinate suspension of the Aryk DataShare program.

" The suspension of the program is a necessary measure to put an end to the loss we have enjoyed "

Well, to wrap it all, so much as we crave to providing our fans the cheapest and most affordable internet access if not totally free, we are eager to re-announce the continuation of the service, but then; it is still being suspended for the time being.

Meanwhile, for the time being, you may follow our thread on free and affordable internet access here. We would keep you updated as frequent as we can. Thank you!

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