4 Ways to Maximise your Data Usage -Android Users

In this part of the world, the number one challenge most android devices users face is the data it consumes, especially; when you download with it. And yet, I think it would be safe to say it is the most loveable mobile device (OS) the world has seen so far -for so many reasons, of course.

Within this page, you might learn how to minimize the volume of data yo ur Android device consumes thereby helping you maximize the volume of your data allowance as per your subscriptions.

How to Maximize your Android Phone Data Usage

1- Data Service Up-time Duration: depending on your needs, you can occasionally disable your data service. To do this, go to:

Press Menu <<>> Navigate to Settings <<>> Wireless

And from there you can disable or enable your data service.

Please note that for the time for which the service is disabled, you may not be able to access the internet and your syncing programs would halt until the data service is re-enabled.

2- Background data: Android devices have the ability to running programs at the background; a feature that makes the PUSH technology easier for most apps that are being installed on most android devices.

With the background data on; every apps installed on your phone can connect to the internet at will and can download and transmit information to/from the internet outside your knowledge - of course, this has greater impact on your data consumption. You can just disable it to save your data cap.

To disable the background data, go to:

Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Account And Sync <<>> Background Data -Android 2.0 - 3.8

Menu <<>> Setting <<>> Wireless And Networks <<>> Data Usage <<>> Press Menu button to display options and tick "Restrict Background Data" -Android 4.0 and above.<

Please note that disabling the background data may hinder the correct functioning of some apps like; Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger amongst others.

3- Browsers: as may be known to all already, that a browser may consume data than another especially; when you download with them.
A lighter browser like "Opera consumes much lesser data as compared to the volume of data a browser like Firefox for Android consumes. You may decide to stick with Opera browser that saves much of your data than using any other browser.

Additionally, a browser like Opera has its in-built downloaded and does not depend on the residual Android inbuilt downloader that consumes much greater data.

4- 2G or 4G Service: Although, this completely determines how swift your browsers and downloads are being done; it also helps determine how much data you consume within a period of time.

Using 2G service when no downloads are being done is perhaps the best idea to maximise your data usage however, depending on your location and your service provider, the 2G service could also be as fast when it comes downloads.

In case you have any opinions or suggestions that fan further help maximise the data consumption, you may share it with others using the comment box below.

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