Android Stock ROMs: Meaning And Download Links

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As an avid user of android devices, you should be familiar with Stock ROMs and Custom ROMs. A Stock ROM is particularly the ready-made ROMs that originally come with your android device and under which your warranties are covered.

Except for one reason or another, you should not get rid of your Stock ROM. Of course, if you would like to root your android device or install Custom Recovery; you will definitely tamper with your Stock ROM and this, in return voids your warranty.

That said, in case you ever need to return your phone to whom or where you bought it from, you will have to re-install the stock ROM on the phone.

The good news is, some thinkers ( hackers, so say some ) on the internet have worked hard enough to make available Stock ROMs for your particular provider - T-Mobile, AT&T, telus, Orange amongst a host of others. You can easily download any of these Stock ROMs and install it on your phone. Once done successfully, your warranty has just been recovered.

Where to Download Stock ROMs: HTC, Samsung, Ericson And Others

Among many sources from which you can download Stock ROMs for your various android devices on the internet, I have found the two sources listed below very useful and fulfilling.

1- ShippedROMs - I have being using Stock ROMs from this source for quiet a while and I have found their ROMs very interesting. ShippedROMs cover fairly a large number of Stock ROMs for different android devices and providers.
You can try ShippedROM if you ever have a use for Stock ROms.

2- AndroidRUU - Talking of the number of Stock ROMs for different android devices and service providers, AndroidRUU sure have a large number on their list, too. But, I do have a problem with them whenever I have poor network reception and the problem is; their server does not support " Pause And Resume " downloads.

Whenever or at any point an ongoing download fails, you just have to start all-over again.

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