BBM for Android and iOS is Finally Out -Download Here

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Few couple of weeks ago, BBM is said to be released to another two mobile platforms; Android and iOS and so it was before RIM eventually closed the gate until now! Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS is now up and running again! You can now download BBM from both Play Store and Apple App store.
Recently, when the official BBM was still under development, Blackberry made a designated portal available for any of the BBM fans who wished to be among the first to run BBM when it finally come on board by just signing up with their email address - Now, only these email address can use BBM for Android and or iOS in some selected countries.

Users in any of these selected countries might not be able to access or download BBM from either the Google Play store or Apple Apps Store until the official BBM for the country is released.

How to Override the BBM Restriction

If BBM is not available in your country yet, you may not be able to download BBM from Play Store However, if you are an android user, we can help you override this restriction by downloading the BBM for android from this link here then; go to our facebook fan page and simply make a post " BBM Activation " on our facebook fan page and wait few minutes for a response from Aryk Enterprise.

iOS users should download BBM from the Apple App Store here.


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