How to Get Instant Access to BBM On Android And iOS

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Of course, it is no longer news that BBM was introduced to the Android and iOS users before the window was shut closed until recently. BBM is again available for download in both Google Play Store for Android users and Apple's App store for iOS users.

However, it should be noted that the BBM is not available for download in all country yet and not all that download the BBM apk can have instant access to it therefore, within this article; we reveal where to download the BBM APK file and how to gain instant access to it.

How to Gain Instant Access to BBM

1- Download BBM apk file for android devices from this link here and install the BBM.

2- On successful installation open the BBM application. The first screen that displays ask you to enter an email address. If the email address you enter is among those email addresses enrolled when the BBM was first shot closed then; you will have instant access otherwise, you will be delayed for perhaps; days.

3- Just use one of your friends email address if already enrolled. You may also visit Aryk Enterprise fan on Facebook here to request for an active email address.

4- Once activated, the next page congratulates you and from there you can proceed to get your BBM PIN by creating a Blackberry ID or by signing in use a Blackberry ID you have created already.

Pronto! You can begin PINGing on your android device.


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