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Install or Flash Custom Recovery On your HTC Android Phones Using Command Prompt

If you ever wish to install custom ROMs, update your HTC android phones to a higher android versions the phone ordinarily does not support like the 4.0 or higher android versions, do a complete system backup, create a new system partition using your memory cards amongst many others; flashing or installing a Custom Recovery on your phone is perhaps your first and only choice.

However, flashing or installing a custom recovery on your android device requires that your android device is S-Off, your bootloader unlocked and rooted. Within this article you will learn how to install Custom Recovery on your HTC android phone once you have S-off; even if your device is not rooted.

Needed Materials

To successfully carry out this process, you need the following materials;

1- ADB ( Android Debug Bridge ) tools for windows. You can download a ZIP file that contains all the ADB tools here.

2- A compatible USB Cable for your phone.

2- Download HTC Android USB Drivers here

4- Custom Recovery Image specific for your HTC device. You can download one from here.

5- Follow carefully, the step by step guide as given below.

Installing Custom Recovery on your HTC Using Command Prompt

If you have gotten the needed materials as listed above, you can now follow the sequential step by step guides as given below:

1- Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
To enable USB Debugging on your phone, go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Application <<>> Development then, mark or tick the USB Debugging option.

2- Disable Fastboot option
In some HTC android phones, fastboot could be found at Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Application <<>> Development or Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Power <<>>Fastboot

3- Set PC Connectivity on your HTC phone to Charge Only

4- Now plug-in the USB Cable to your PC and connect the other end to the phone. Wait few minutes for the initial installation of the drivers to complete.

5- Now, Open command Prompt on your PC. To open command prompt on your PC ( Windows XP ), click the Start Button then, run. On the box that pops out, type "cmd" and press enter.

For Windows Vista/7 users, click the start button then, type "cmd" and press enter.

6- Now, remember the ADB tools listed as your first needed material? If you have downloaded the tools from the link given above, now UNZIP the file in your local drive e.g C. And make sure the files are under a folder with a specific name e.g ADB.

7- Also, you can now put the recovery IMG file you may have downloaded above ( Your 4th needed item ) under the same folder as the ADB tools.

8- Go to the command prompt window already opened and type cd c:\adb to point command prompt to the folder within which you have your ADB tools placed.

9- On the next line, type " adb devices "- this should display your stat and serial number. That's just to confirm that your device is ready.
Now, on the next line type " adb reboot-bootloader " and wait for few seconds. Your phone should now boot into fastboot - bootloader mode.

Also, to confirm that your phone is ready in fastboot mode, type " fastboot devices - your device new stat should appear below the command line.

Now, on the next line, type " fastboot flash recovery recovery.img " and wait for few seconds.

Please note that the recovery IMG file you may have downloaded for your device should be renamed to " recovery.img " within the ADB tools folder otherwise, command prompt may not load it.

Once succeeded, your HTC phones' custom recovery img has just been flashed and installed. You can now install any Custom ROM best fit for your HTC phone on it.


- Please note that your bootloader has to be UNLOCKED before you can be able to flash or install a Custom Recovery on your HTC phones. A detailed info about bootloader and how to unlock it could be found here.

- Make sure that your battery is at least 50% charged to avoid unnecessary interruption during the flashing process.

- Also note that installing a wrong IMG file on your HTC phone may cause the phone to malfunction or dead.
Please, proceed with care for Aryk Enterprise is not responsible for any lose of files or damages whatsoever caused to your device following the info herein.

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