LG Optimus P920: How to Hard Reset And Recovery Mode

In case you ever forget the access codes to your LG Optimus P920 or, for any reason, you need to hard reset your LG Optimus P920; within this article you will learn the simple logic to do that. No computer or downloads is required, just your two hands on the phone.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset in android phones, is a process that helps you wipe the user data on your android device and restore the device to its factory defaults.

Hard Reset does not only restore the factory default settings but also removes all the installed applications and data saved on the device. In some cases, Hard Reset helps correct some errors and malfunctions of your android device.

How to Hard Reset your LG Optimus P920

To Hard Reset your android device, specifically; LG P920 you do not need your device password, you only have to follow some simple steps as outlined below.

1- Switch off the phone if the phone is on.
2- You may remove the battery if you like but, this is not a necessary step.
3- Re-insert the battery. Press and hold the Home button and the volume-down button together for about 30 secs.
4- Whilst still holding the buttons ( Home + Volume-Down Buttons ) press and hold the Power button until the LG logo appears.
5- Immediately the LG logo appears, leave the buttons and wait for about 10 secs. The phone should display another screen that says " Erase User data and factory reset? ". Choose " Yes. Factory reset " and wait for about 10 secs more.
6- Yes. Your LG Optimus P920 is now reset.
Use the Volume-down or Volume-up buttons to navigate up or down and the Options button to select your choice.
See the image below for the illustrations.

LG P920 Hard Reset

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