5 Reasons Why You Should Not Root Techno Android Phones

For one reason or another every android device user wants to root his or her android device and in the course of this, many have either temporarily or permanently rendered their phone useless.

Breaking, is when your android device gets stuck at start-up and never responding or responds very slowly. It has been noted that a breaked phone could take up to thirty (30) mins to boot up -this; is one common issue that results from rooting most android devices.

When your device is breaked, you might be able to revive it or not, depending on your knowledge of ADB Tools, resource and of course, if your device fully supports the ADB commands and utilities.

Reasons Why You Should Not Root your Techno Android

1- Unlike other android device manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Sony and and others Techno android devices do not have the necessary supports tools required yet.

2- ADB Access: up to this moment, at the time this article is being composed, based on my experience and researches; most Techno android devices does not fully support the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tools. And these are the tools required to help revive any breaked android device.

3- Intrusions Prone: just like you may have learnt, rooting any android device gives you some superuser rights; a privilege that allows you touch and modify most part of your device.

Meanwhile, rooting your android device means, whatever you do on the phone; you know what you are doing and so the phone does not restrict your access -this is not good for an android device like Techno at least; not yet. Because changing ordinary your phone's fonts poses more risks.

4- Unfriendly Recovery Program: compare to the HTC recovery IMG, I have not learnt of a way you can flash, modify or change any Techno recovery IMG to a custom recovery IMG.

Having a custom recovery IMG flashed in your android device gives you far better chance. Via the custom recovery, you can even flash a custom ROM on your phone, given it an entirely brand new look.

5- Truly, rooting your android device makes its battery last longer and run faster; an UN-rooted Techno android device also run faster with better battery life.


Please note that the content of this article is based on personal experience, opinion and research therefore; this should not be taken against your interest in Techno android devices.

If you have any comments, addition contribution or opinions, kindly use the comment box below.

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