Android 4.X.X USB Debug Troubleshoot Options

Following the many updates on how to update certain HTC android devices to android 4.X.X versions posted on Aryk Enterprise blog, my mailbox is being congested with questions and complains on the difficulties most experience using their 4.X.X android device in USB Debug mode on their PCs.
Here, within this page, we have compiled most of the working troubleshooting methods you can apply to solve the device "offline" your android 4.X.X versions bring each time you connect in USB debug mode.

Most android 4.0.X, 4.1.X, 4.2.X users do have problem connecting their android devices to their PC in the USB debug mode because of the high security and restriction utilities that are coupled with these devices.

However, you can still get pass through these restrictions if you could carefully apply each of the tips given below:
1- Make sure that the latest drivers for your android device are installed on your PC.

2- While your device is connected to your PC, you can toggle on and off the USB debug mode on your device.

3- Disconnect your android device from the PC, restart or reboot your device and when it's fully operational, reconnect your android device to the PC again.

4- Make sure that the firewall or antivirus program running on both devices (your PC and the android device) are turned off each time you initiate connection between your android device and your PC.

5- Make sure that you are using the latest ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tool on your PC - this is because android 4.X.X versions do not fully respond to ADB tools below 1.0.3 version. Thus; your ADB tool must be 1.0.3 or higher.

Bit tips

- Go to the command prompt window and type cd c:\adb to point command prompt to the folder within which you have your ADB tools placed.

- On the next line following: cd c:\adb , type: ADB version to check for the version of the ADB tools your using.

- And don't forget to always check if your device has changed from the offline to Device after you apply each tip above.
To check the status of your device in the ADB mode, after cd c:\adb , type ADB devices

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