How to Access Development, USB Debug Option In Android 4.x.x

Accessing the Development Settings that contain the USB Debug option on android versions 4.0.X, 4.1.X, 4.2.X and above may seem a little difficult especially; for those using custom ROMs, unlike the previous older versions of android whose development setting is way too easy to access.

And if the USB Debuging option is not checked, you maynot be able to access certain utilities of your android devices. For instance, you maynot be able to fully utilize the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tools either on your Windows PC or Linux.

The ADB utility enables you remotely access and interact with your android devices using different command lines and the ADB Tools provide the bridge between your PC and your android device.

How to Access the Development Settings, USB Debug Option in Android 4.X.X

To enable the USB debug option, you must first gain access to the development settings and to access the development option, follow the simple steps given below:

1- Go to:
Menu <<>> Settings <<>> About Phone <<>> Build Number

2- When you get to the build number of the phone, tap the Build Number option five (5x) times repeatedly or until the phone displays; "You are now a developer"

3- Now, press the back button. Within the "Settings Option" list, you would see "Development" and from there; you can enable the USB Debug option.

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