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How to Flash A New Radio On Desire HD/Inspire 4G

Within this article, we shall discuss the two MMmajor methods you can use to update or change your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G radio.

Changing your android device radio might be neccessary if, for instance, your device's data service reception becomes slower than usual, or the upload and download rate becomes abnormal, or you notice that your device suddenly drains your battery then; you might need to change your device's radio.

How to Update/Change HTC Desire HD Radio Using ADB Means

1- ADB Tools, preferably, the latest ADB Tools which could be downloaded from this link is required to accomplish the process of changing your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G radio.

2- HTC Drivers. You can either download and install HTC Sync from this link or download just the driver from this link. Either ways, just make sure you have HTC Drivers installed on your PC.

3- A compatible USB Cable for your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G -you need this to connect your phone to your PC

4- A working radio file precisely for the HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G is required. Please note that flashing a curropted radio file could render your android device useless.
A list of working radio files for the HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G could be found on this page

Updating/Changing your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G radio

  • First, you need to unzip the ADB Tools you may have downloaded from the first link above and place the ADB Tools folder on the root folder of your local drive e.g C:\ADB

    2- Now, if the radio file you have downloaded is zipped, extract the zip and copy the radio.img,/b> file and place it within the adb folder in your local drive.
    Open command prompt by clicking on the start button and typing cmd to bring up the command prompt. On the Comand Prompt, type "cd c:/adb" and click enter -this points you to the folder in which you have your adb tools saved on your local drive.

    3- Now, put your Desire HD/Inspire 4G in fastboot mode either by putting off the phone and pressing the Power + Volume Down buttons for few seconds or, by connecting your phone to the PC and type adb reboot bootloader.

    4- Finally, with the phone connected to the PC, type fastboot flash radio radio.img and wait for the flashing process to complete.

  • Please note that you must be eng s-off to be able to flash a new radio using the method above.

    Option 2: Flashing A New Radio On Desire HD/Inspire 4G

    Using this method, you don't have to unzip the radio zip file you may have downloaded from the link above. Just copy the radio zip file on the root of your SDCard and make sure it is named as exactly.

    Now, with the SDCard in, put off your phone or remove your battery and re-insert it. Press the Power + Volume Down buttons to put the phone in fastboot mode. Wait few seconds for the phone to detect the update and complete the radio update process. And you are done.

    NoteSome HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G may not detect the radio update until you check the md5sum of the radio zip file. To check the md5sum, while the phone is connected to your PC before you boot it into bootloader type;
    adb shell md5sum /sdcard/ and press the enter key

    Make sure that you have already copied or pushed the radio zip file on the SDcard before you check the md5sum using the method given above

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