Android Recovery Partition At A Glance

What Is (Android) Recovery

The partition that can be considered as an alternative boot partition that can let any android device boot into a recovery console for performing advanced recovery and maintenance operations on the android device is called The Recovery.

Types of Recovery

Unlike the other platforms, android is an open source, and so, the recovery source codes are available and for these reasons; developing or modifying these source codes is made much more easier than usual.
As a result, there are two types of recoveries; the Stock Recovery and the Custom Recovery.

Stock Recovery
The stock recovery is the built-in partition that contains the recovery console through which the recoverying, updating and maintenance of the android devices are being done.

The stock recovery is a very useful partition but has limited funtionalities as could be compared to the custom recovery. This is however by the design of the stock recovery.

Custom Recovery
In android, the custom recovery is the modified version of the recovery partition made by some thinkers. These custom recoveries could replace the stock recovery and so, could be used instaed of the stock recovery.

Most custom recoveries feature much more funtionalities as could be compared to the stock recoveries. For example; using custom recoveries, you could backup your entire android device contents, select some files or folders to be wiped so you don't have to wipe everything, install some mods and unsigned version of ROMs and much more.

Clockwork, Amon Ra, TeamWin amongst others are common examples of custom recovery.

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