Upgrading, Installing Custom ROM On HTC S-on Phones

When a new ROM is flashed on an HTC android device, one of the few problems you might encounter is having the device stuck at boot with BIG BOLD HTC logo written on a blank white screen -this kind of problem usually occur when you have flashed a new ROM on an HTC andrid device with S-On. A step by step guide on how to solve this kind of problem is discussed within this page.

The Course of the Problem

Virtually all HTC android device comes with S-On meaning; Security-On. This is a security feature that makes it difficult to modify or change any of the core components of the HTC android device. However, you can still flash a new CUSTOM ROM on your HTC android device even with the S-On once you have had your bootloader unlocked and have flshed a custom recovery.

Learn what a bootloader is here and how to unlock your HTC android device's bootloader.
Getting to know more about Recovery here; is also an added advantage.

So, flashing a new ROM while you still have S-On is one of the reasons your HTC android device may get stuck at boot up with the BIG BOLD HTC Logo written on a white background.

Solution to the Course of the Problem

Since you have known the course of the problem, I believe your problem is half-way solved. If your HTC android device has S-On when you flashed a new custom ROM and as a result of that, the phone fails to boot up completely; below here we explained a step by step work through guide that explains how you can make the custom ROM work with your device.


1- HTC Android drivers must be installed on your PC. You can download one from here.
2- A compatible USB Cable for your HTC android device.
3- ADB Tools must be ready on your PC -you can download the core ADB Tools from here.
4- And, lastly, the zip file of the new ROM you have flashed.

Carrying out the solution

1- The first thing you need to do is to set up ADB tools on your PC. You may refer to this page for how to set up the ADB folder on your PC and the required downloads.
2- Extract the zip file of the ROM you have flashed on a folder on your PC.
3- Open the extracted zip file folder, locate the boot.img file of the ROM you have just flashed on your phone. Copy this file onto your ADB Tools folder.
4- Now, on your PC, click the Start Button, for Windows XP users; click Run and type cmd. For Windows 7/vista users, just type cmd and press enter -this opens up your command prompt.
5- On the Command Prompt window, type " cd c:\the-name-of-your-ADB TOOLS-folder " e.g cd c:\adb -this points you to the folder in which you have all the ADB Tools saved on your PC.

6- You can now remove the battery from your phone, wait few seconds and re-insert the battery in the phone.
7- Boot the phone into bootloader mode by pressing and holding the Power + the Volume Down Buttons together until the screen comes up. And, Once the screen comes up, tap/press the Power Button once.
8- Now, connect your USB cable to your PC then; connect the other end to your phone. Wait few seconds for the system to install the necessary drivers and make sure that your phone screen displays Fastboot USB.
9- On the Command Prompt window, type fastboot devices -this confirms that your phone is connected in fastboot mode. If your device is connected in fastboot mode, proceed below.
10- type fastboot flash boot boot.img -and wait for few seconds. This may take time depending on the speed of your PC and size of the boot.img file.
11- Once the 10th process above is completed successfully, you can now reboot your phone by typing fastboot reboot on the Command Prompt window and press enter.
12- The phone will reboot and you can now start enjoying your new ROM.

Please note that it is normal for the phone to take up to at least 2 - 5mins at first boot following a successful flashing of a new ROM. Just wait.

For any questions, opinions or comments, kindly use the comment box below.


  1. Hello,

    I have a model htc desire d 820 n (with Qualcomm MSM8939)

    I need other files:
    _ 8939_msimage.mbn
    - patch0.xml
    - rawprogram0.xml

    How can I get them?

    Help me please

    Thank you

    1. It's seems to me like you have being attended on our facebook page.