How to Boot TMobile G2 to Bootloader or hboot

Booting into bootloader could be very frustrating for some TMobile G2 users as the fastboot option is hidden in most of the Tmobile G2 smart phones.

Well, it should not be so difficult since the USB Debugging option is there for you. However, it is not as simple as the usual Power + Volume Down buttons alternative for other HTC android devices.

To boot your TMobile G2 into bootloader, you need to have HTC android drivers installed on your PC or HTC Sync and set up ADB Tools on your PC as explained here.

If you have done these, simply connect your TMobile G2 to the computer and open the Command Prompt

How to Open Command Prompt

1- Windows XP users should click the Start Button then, click Run. On the box that appears, type cmd and press enter.

2- Windows 7/vista users: Click the start button and type cmd and press enter. The command prompt should open almost immediately.

Now, Booting TMobile G2 to Bootloader

1- To boot your Tmobile G2 to bootloader, you need to first go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Applications <<>> Development and enable the USB Debuging option.

2- Open the command prompt and point to the ADB folder on your PC by typing cd c:\the-name-ofpyourpadb-folder e.g cd c:\adb then, enter.

3- Connect your TMobile G2 to the PC and wait few seconds for the installation of the drivers to complete.

4- On command Prompt type adb devices -this should list your device under the connected devices.

5- On command Prompt again type adb reboot-bootloader. The phone should reboot and boot into bootloader almost immediately.

6- Now, simply tap the Power button once -this changes the phone from bootloader to hboot and vice-versa. And that's all.

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