HTC Amaze 4G ROM: 4.0.3 ICS With JellyBean Look And Feel

If you are looking for a ROM that's stable, smart and fast for your HTC Amaze 4G (HTC Ruby), here is one you will certainly love.

Speed ROM is a 4.0.3 ICS version that has all the features of a stock HTC ROM with a complete android jellybean feel and look and most important part of it is that your battery lasts much more longer when you flash this ROM on your phone -this makes it the best ROM I have ever tested on HTC Amaze 4G.

Requirements for Flashing the ROM

Before you can be able to flash the SpeedROM on your HTC Amaze 4G, you must have the followings;

1- You must have custom recovery on your phone. Clockwork, TeamWin or 4ext recoveries are good examples of custom recovery needed to flash the ROM.
2- To avoid any risk, your battery should be at least, 30% charged
3- Your HTC Amaze 4G should be s-off otherwise, you would have to follow this guide here to make any custom ROM work on your HTC S-ON phones.

Installation Guide

For the most accurate result, flash this ROM on your phone following the guides as outlined below;

1- Boot to Recovery on the phone using any method. Just boot to recovery.
2 - Once in recovery, do factory reset by wiping all the data, wipe cache, wipe Delvic Cache
3- Flash the ROM.

1- You may do a complete backup of your previous ROM within the recovery before anything at all -just in case.
2- You do NOT need to flash any GAPPs on the ROM. The ROM comes prepackaged with its own ics-gapps.

Downloads for the ROM
SpeedROM for HTC Amaze: SpeedROM for Amaze 4G
Kernel (Optional):faux Kernel
Root -flash this after the ROM:SuperSU
WiFi Calling :WiFi Calling
Battery Icon -Default Jb icon: JellyBean Battery Icon

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HTC Amaze 4G ROM: 4.0.3 ICS With JellyBean Look And Feel HTC Amaze 4G ROM: 4.0.3 ICS With JellyBean Look And Feel Reviewed by ArykTECH S . O Arewa on January 03, 2014 Rating: 5

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