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Start 2014 In Grand Style with Aryk's Most Beautiful Offer

On the first day of the just concluded year 2013, Aryk Enterprise released an eBOOK for sale and was sold to hundreds of people and as a result of that; many gained their financial freedom that year or at least, they were able to realise additional income daily and throughout that year.

This year, we plan to do the same and so we are happy to announce the release of our eBOOK; A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineering.

Aims of the Book

The book, A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineering is packaged for anybody who desires to making at least, an additional sum of N2,000 daily with or without your computer.

This book is designed and packaged in such a way that any teenager can unerstand and practice all the teachings of the book for as long as such teenager can read, write and understands English language.

Meanwhile, this book is especially good and recommended for every student out there since they have better chances and opportunities to sell not only services but also, products. And most of all, I bet, as a student; you always need cash at hand and this book is a ready-made cash for you.

Teachings of the Book

Compared to the 2013 edition of the same book that discusses and teaches just how to flash and upgrade Nokia phones, this 2014 edition features more and they are;

Android Devices
- Using command prompt to esecute and accomplish certain operations on android devices
- Rooting android phones
- Upgrading and downgrading android phones
- Changing android phone's ROM I.e from custom to stock ROM and vise versa.
- Bringing a dead/bricked android phone back to live
- And many more
- Flashing Nokia phones
- Upgrading Nokia phones
- Removing (Lock) security lock on Nokia phones
- Refurbishing Nokia phones
- And many more

- Flashing/Reloading BlackBerry phones.
- Removing Security Lock on Blackberry phones
- Wiping Blackberry phones
- And some other useful usage tips for BlackBerry users

Also, you will get a free modem un-locker program that unlocks any modem.

The Package And its Contents

Unlike the 2013 version that was made available only in e-format, this 2014 version is packaged compressed in a zip file and it is available for download from the internet.

Also, DVD and or SDCard copy of this package is available. You can either choose to have the DVD copy or the SDCard copy of the package -your choice.

Contents of the Package

- ADB Tools Software : this is an all-in-one program that contains all the drivers you need for all the major android devices from various brands like HTC, Samsung, Techno, Itel, Infinix, LG, Sony Ericsson, Google, Motorola, BML and others.
- SDK Platform tools
- Device driver software for about 8 android device brands. This includes Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others.
-Phoenix Service Software for Nokia flashing and others.
- Nokia flash files. This include flash files for about 100  common Nokia phone models; both java and symbian.
- BlackBerry Desktop manager for Blackberry repairs.
- Blackberry Device Software for about 26 Blackberry models.
- Premium Modem Un-locker
- A B C to Mobile Phone Engineering Book (PDF Format)

NOTICEThe detailed info about how to use all the contents of this package is contained in the book, A B C to Mobile Phone Engineering (PDF Format). So, you don't have to worry about how to use them. Also, you may refer to the support/contacts below for one-on-one coaching any time of the day.

1- The DVD, SDCard Package :this package costs N5,500 ONLY and contains the A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineering eBOOK and all the materials listed above as part of the content of the package. You will have to choose either the DVD or SDCard as your preferred storage disk. Also, you will decide through what medium you wish to receive the package.

2- The e-format Package: this package costs N2,000 ONLY. This package contains just the A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineering eBOOK (PDF Format) and we have reserved some pages within the book that contains the download links for all the material listed above as the content of the package, so, the only difference is that you will have to download them manually and at any time you like.

Mobile Phone : 0807 788 8311
Email :

For any questions, requests, opinions or suggestions, please call, text, mail or ping us via any of the contacts above. Thank you!

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