Become A Mobile Phone Software Engineer

Using about four (4) years of working experience combined with expertise practises in reworking, working and repairing mobile phones, Aryk Enterprise has put together an eBOOK with handy tools that can make you a mobile phone software engineer in few days.

Since becoming a mobile phone software engineer is not about how long you have spent learning or how close you are to the phones but, it is about having the necessary tools, with the required info and the mind to put what you have into practice.

Now, we have done the most part of it for you! We have gathered the tools, compiled the required info needed to use the tools and all you have to do now, is to get the package and put them into practice!

Contents of the Package

Please note that, contrary to the A B C Package we released previously, we have reduced the Nokia Flash Files to about 53 common Nokia phones, All the Blackberry Desktop Softwares now included and the latest ADB Tools for android smart phones.
And below here is the list of the content;

1- A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineer eBOOK
2- Android Debug Bridge Tool -the latest ADB Tools
3- Android Root Tools
4- All Android Drivers 5- Blackberry Desktop Managers
6- All Blackberry Desktop Softwares
7- About 53 Common Nokia Phone Flash Files
8- Nokia PC Suite 9- Phoenix Service Software (Nokia Flashing Tools)
10- Nokia Flash Files Downloader -this tool contains all the latest and all Nokia flash files you may ever need.
11- A fully functional modem unlocker

Teachings of the Book

Compare to the previous edition of the same book that serves as the user guide, we have included more topics in this edition -thanks to our loyal fans who have given us their feedback and opinions of their experience on the book.

Teachings on android devices:

- Introduction to the android devices
- Using Command Prompt to execute and accomplish certain operations on android devices
- Rooting Android Phones -Android roots and how it is being gained
- Upgrading And Downgrading Android Phones
- Android ROMS; how to safely change android ROMs
- Bringing a dead android phone back to live
- And many more

Teachings on Nokia Phones

- Flashing Nokia phones
- Upgrading Nokia phones
- Removing (Lock) Security Lock on Nokia phones
- Refurbishing Nokia Phones and many more

Teachings on Blackberry Phones

- Flashing/Reloading Blackberry phones
- Removing Security Lock on Blackberry Phones
- Wiping Blackberry Phones
- And some other usage tips for Blackberry users

The Package And Delivery

Because we wish to help every student or individual out there, we have made this package available in two (2) formats namely; the Hard Copy and the e-Copy.

1- The Hard Copy is about 9GB in size contained in two (2) DVD Copies. It contains all the materials as mentioned above plus some extras. Also, you can request for five (5) additional softwares* you want us included in your package. This package Hard Copy costs N6,000.

2- The e-Copy of this package costs N2,000 ONLY. The package contains just the A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineer eBOOK (PDF FORMAT). Within the book, we have reserved some pages that contain the download links for all the materials and tools that are contained in the Hard Copy. So, the only difference is that, you will have to download them at your own convenient time.

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For any questions, requests, opinions or suggestions, please call, text, mail or ping us via any of the contacts above. Thank you!

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