PB99IMG.zip Download Link- HTC Desire Custom Recovery

Here within this page, we have included a download link for a PB99IMG.zip file.
This PB99IMG.zip file contains the latest ClockWorkMod recovery with touch capacity and is flashable via hboot.+Google Profile

What Is ClockWorkMod Recovery?

In case you do not know what a ClockWorkMod recovery is; ClockWorkMod recovery is one of the most known custom recoveries available for android devices. It can be used to root android devices, upgrade and downgrade android ROM and also perform other maintainance operations in android

Detailed info about Custom Recovery and Stock Recovery here.

How to Flash the ZIP File; PB99IMG.zip

Please, note that this process may render your phone useless if carelessly used and that, interruption of the process for any reason or any means is destructive therefore; you should exercise caution going through the process.
Meanwhile, your battery must be at least, 30% charged before you proceed.

This process updates your HTC Desire with the latest clockworkmod recovery.

1- Download the file named PB99IMG.zip in the table below this page.
2- Copy the file to the root of your SD Card i.e don't copy it under any folder in the SDCard. And make sure it is named PB99IMG.zip
3- Disable fastboot mode on the phone by going to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Power <<>> Fastboot.
4- Put off your phone or remove the battery and re-insert the battery again.
5- Boot the phone to hboot by pressing the Power + the Volume Down buttons together for some seconds until the phone boots to hboot.
6- Wait few seconds for the phone to detect and scan the PB99IMG.zip file on your SDCard. If the phone prompts that; "Do you want to start the update?" press the volume Up button to start the update
7- Wait few seconds for the update to complete and reboot your HTC Desire.

Congratulations! Now, you can install any custom ROM, upgrade or downgrade your HTC Desire and lots more!

PB99IMG.zip Download Links
Drop box Link PB99IMG.zip
Mediafire LinkPB99IMG.zip
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