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How to Limit the Android Inaccessibility Risk -Just In Case

Just this week I have a live and proven experience of this occurrence I wish to share with all android users. Just this week, two (2) different people brought different android devices to ArykTECH workshop for repair, one is HTC and the other is Tecno.

Just like the Boys' Scout's motto; "Be prepared". It is always good to prepare for future occurrences, even if you are uncertain of the occurrence, believe me, you have to prepare for it.

Like I was saying, these two phones were locked using pattern and the pattern style had been forgotten. Of course, you know what had to be done... Flashing the phone or factory resetting so that the phone may format all its contents and return to its factory defaults.

But there was a problem. The HTC guy had all his projects works and some other important files for which he has no other backup stored on the phone and for these reasons; he didn't want to format or flash/wipe the phone.

Meanwhile, the Techno guy had just some apps he didn't want to loose. Yes. If there was no choice, he may have had us format/wipe the phone for him but, he was lucky.

The HTC Guy Misfortune

For just two simple reasons, we could not help the HTC guy otherwise; we could have backed up his phone's data partition using ADB command lines and have the phone's data restored after the flashing/formating process is complete.

His mistakes are;
1- His phone is in fast boot mode. If an HTC phone is in fast boot mode, it prevent the phone from booting to recovery or boot loader mode
2- He does not enable the USB Debugging Option on his phone. Since the USB Debugging option is not enable, no external link or connection to the phone via android debug bridge; ADB could be possible

The Techno Guy Luck

Well, the Techno guy is lucky enough to have had his USB Debugging Option enabled, so, we were able to back up all his files including the apps. We formated/factory reset his phone and restored all his files. Just like they were!

As an android user, I hope you have learned a lesson or two from this write up. So, to help others learn as well, simply share this write up using the Share Buttons on this page.

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