How to Root HTC Sensation

Obtaining the root access on an android device makes the use of that particular device more beautiful, no doubt. But, to gain this root access could be very difficult and distructive to the phone especially; if care is not taken.

Within this write up, we discuss how to root an HTC Sensation in less than 5 minutes having no use of your PC.

Just by flashing a single zip file that contains all the SU binaries and a SuperUser app appropriate for the HTC Sensation, gaining the root access on the device is never this easy.

How to Flash the SuperUser file

This process helps you gain root access on your HTC Sensation. Depending on your understanding and use of the SuperUser rights, you may render your phone useless and this voids your warranty. Be cautious using the phone when the root access is gained..

1- Download the zip file named in the table below this page and save it on the root folder of your SD Card.
2- Boot your phone to recovery by any means. You can simply just remove your battery, re-insert the battery and press and hold the Power + the Volume Down buttons together until the phone comes up on hboot screen.
On the screen that comes up, navigate to the recovery option (using the volume up and volume down buttons) and press the power button to select it.
3- On the recovery screen, choose install zip from SD Card. Then, click Choose zip from SD Card.
4- Navigate to the file you may have downloaded from the table below and select it.
5- Confirm that you want to flash the file and wait patiently until the process is completed.
6- Reboot your phone, locate the SuperUser app installed on it and enjoy!

You must have flashed a Custom Recovery like ClockWorkMode, TeamWIN or 4ext on your HTC Sensation before you can follow the guides here in. Refer to the guides here on How to flash Custom Recovery on HTC Sensation. Download Links
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