How to Set SD Card As Default Install Location On Android Devices

Setting SD Card as the default install location on your android device has so many advantages however, not all android device versions support this feature. Even those that support this feature does that with the exemption of some apps.

As you may have learnt, setting the SD Card as the default install location for your apps lets you install applications on the SD Card of your android device by default and also; if you wish, you can move all the already installed apps from the phone memory to the SD Card.

How Set SD Card As Default Install Location On Android Devices

1- Download Mobogenie for Windows from here and install it on your PC. Once the installation is complete, proceed to step 2 below.

2- On your phone, enable the USB Debugging Option in the settings. Go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Applications <<>> Development (for android 2.3.X downward) and for android 4.X.X, go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Developer Options <<>> USB Debugging

3- Connect your phone to the PC using a compatible USB cable. Mobogenie should lunch automatically, wait few seconds for it to connect the phone. If it could not find the driver, Mobogenie would attempt to download the driver and for this, you need internet connection on the PC.

4- Once the installation is complete and Mobogenie has connected your phone to the PC, close Mobogenie and lunch command prompt on your PC. For info on how to Set up ADB and use command prompt, click here.

5- On command prompt, type cd c:\adb and press enter. Now, type adb devices and press enter to show that your phone is connected to the PC in adb mode. And finally, type adb shell pm set-install-location 2 and press enter. (This process sets your SD card as your default app storage)

6- You can now go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Applications and move all your apps to your SD card to free up space then, reboot your phone.


1- For the best result, especially; for MTK android devices like Techno, Infinix, YXTel amongst others, you may have to factory rest the phone before you carry out the procedures explained above.
2- For rooted android devices, you can just download Set-Install-Location from the PlayStore and have the app do the whole work for you ASAP!.

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