How to Solve HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth Problem

From time to time, I have received comments and messages in my mailbox and on Aryk Enterprise Facebook fan page regarding the Bluetooth and Wifi failure of the HTC Desire HD also known as HTC Inspire 4G or G10, and finally, I have decided to help you guys out.

If you notice that suddenly, your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth fails to open or that the phone's WiFi no longer functions, this problem might be caused by certain things and most of which shall be discussed within this write up.

Possible Causes of HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth or WiFi Failure And Solutions

1- If HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth fail to work or shows grey ink or that, the phone's WiFi no longer on or works following an upgrade or downgrade (changing of ROMs) either from custom ROM to stock ROM or vice versa; this kind of problem is usually caused by bugs from the ROM's development and requires fixing.

Revert back to the previous ROM that works best for the phone or better still, try another ROM, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should come back and good.

2- If you notice that your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth or WiFi suddenly stops working or force closes each time you on it. If you have not changed your ROM recently and known that both the Bluetooth and the WiFi were working well before, you have about three (3) options to correct this kind of error.

1- Do a backup of your important apps and data then; factory reset the phone.
2- Search the Play Store for Bluetooth apps or WiFi Manager. Download and install alternative apps from the Play Store to replace the built-in Bluetooth and WiFi services.
3- If the two options above failed, flashing another fully functional ROM on the phone is your last option.

3- If for any reason, your HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G Bluetooth or WiFi fail to work or function as supposed, and that you have attempted all the alternative solutions given above and still; no good news, your last solution is given here.

Solution- Change the phone's flex!
This last option may cost you certain amount of money but it always work. We advise you to take the phone to a specialist who can handle the work perfectly for you and that, you should have attempted all the previous possible solutions given within this article to make sure that the problem is not related to any software problem before you take on this last option.

We may have explained why the problem is related to the phone's flex but that is beyond the scope of this page. We have done this at Aryk Workshop and it worked.

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