What Is Gapps?

In android, Google apps, gapps for short; are
the universal apps essential for smooth-running of any android device. An android device without a specific gapps package is like a car without fuel.

Although, an android device can stand and run completely on its on without any gapps, but the health of such android device is marred so much that you will feel like something is missing -just imagine an android device without Play Store, or Google Play Services that controls the activities of virtually all the Google apps an android can use.

In a nut shell, gapps are the proprietary applications by Google included in virtually all Android devices.

Google Apps, Gapps Core Apps

1- Google Play Store

2- Google Play Service
3- Google Talk
4- Google Sync (for adding and synchronizing Google accounts)
5- Google Backup Transport
6- Car Home
7- Gmail
8- Google Maps
9- YouTube
10- Google Search
11- Google Voice Search
12- Google Music
13- Google Docs

Although, most of these apps can be found and downloaded all around the web, it is always a good idea to flash the gapps package during or after installation of any Android ROM because these apps are always running in Android under the process of com.google.process.gapps so, if any, this will reduce the android apps error to the bearrest minimum.

Google Apps, gapps Vs Android Versions

As you may have learnt, there are different versions of android and the later is always superior to the earlier.
As a result of this, with each release version of android, there is always a compatible Google apps, gapps package.

Pro tip:
It is a good practise to flash the appropriate gapps package for its respective version of android.

Visit this link: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps for the list of all the available gapps and the respective version of android.

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