Android Radio FM: Access Hundreds of Radio Channels Worldwide

Download Android Radio, one of the best radio app for your android device and gain access to over 1,000 radio stations worldwide.

entertainment news to music dedicated radio channels. Even sport news stations, relationship and affairs channels, history, religious and all sorts of radio stations you could think of worldwide are all listed within this Android Radio App.

Even with the many features and premium feel and look this Android Radio App has, it is still available free and can be downloaded from the Play Store, though, featured ads pop up occasionally from within the app and this could be irritating sometimes. It is worth it anyway because of the enjoyment and pleasure this app could bring you.

Features of this Android Radio App

1- Clean Layouts And Listings: This android radio app presents and lists all the available radio channels by country and categories. E.g radio channels in Nigeria are listed under Nigeria and also by categories. Also, each radio channels in Nigeria are grouped as per content thus; Soul, RnB, Classical, New channels amongst others.

2- Favourites: from within this app, you can set certain radio channels as your favourite channels so you don't have to browse or search for them again. Just go to your favourites and select your choice channel to listen to.

3- Share Service: you can easily share any radio channels link with your friends and family via as many as available sharing apps available on your phone as at that moment. For example, you may decide to share your favourite radio channel links via message, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other apps on your phone.

4- Background Play: by this functionality, you may decide to run this android radio app while your phone is at sleep mode, running other programs on your phone or simply doing nothing.

5- Fine Compressed Streaming Technology: going by my experience on the use of this android radio app, it uses a very fine streaming technology to compress and stream audio files on your android device. The android radio app consumes about 30mb of data per hour on continues play.

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