Flashed New ROM? How to Correct Bootloop, Hang On Boot Errors

In case you have just flashed a new ROM on your android device and you discover that the phone hangs on the first main logo whenevr you try to boot the phone on or, that the phone restarts whenevr it's booting on; within this write up, we discuss possible errors you may have made and how to correct them.

The Possible Mistakes/Errors you May Have Made

First, we would be discussing the possible mistakes or errors you may have made either during the process of flashing the new ROM or in the beginning, while trying to get the root access on the phone so that a custom recovery.img could be flashed on the phone. So, read ahead carefully and check if any of the points mentioned below is your case.

1- S-On/S-Off: check to confirm that the phone you have flashed a new custom ROM on is either S-On or S-off, if it is an HTC android phone. Most HTC android devices comes with S-On, meaning Security-On. This S-On flag checks to make sure that all the partitions of the phone are truly from HTC, So, whenever an unsigned version .img file is detected on the phone, the S-On flag prevents the phone from booting into android.

2- Bootloader, radio or ADSP Version: Another thing that may prevent the phone from booting into android is either bootloader, radio or ADSP. If this is the case, the phone does not hang on the first logo screen rather, it boots on and restarts automatically while loading.

3- Data Wipe/Factory Reset: Did you remember to factory reset or do data wipe while on the recovery before you flashed the new ROM? This is also one of the mistakes that may result in the bootloop. Ordinarilly, whenever a new ROM is to be flashed on an android device, a factory reset or data wipe is expected to be done in the recovery before a new ROM could be flashed otherwise, the phone fails to boot on.

Your Solutions

Of course, to every problem, there is always a solution except that you don't yet know of it yet.

Solution 1: if the number point discussed above is your case, it means you have flashed a new ROM on an HTC phone that has S-On. Below here is how to solve your kind of problem;
1- Locate the zip file of the ROM you have flashed on the phone and extract it into a folder on your PC.
2- Open the ROM's extracted folder, locate the file named " boot.img " and copy it to your ADB folder.
For detailed info about ADB, click here.
3- Now, open command prompt on the PC then; point to the ADB folder on the PC by following the guides on the ADB link just above.
4- Finally, boot the phone into hboot, connect the phone to the PC, wait for the drivers to install and flash the boot.img file you copied on the ADB folder by typing " fastboot flash boot boot.img " on the command prompt and hit the enter key. Wait for the process to complete then, reboot your phone.

2-: if by looking at the errors, you observe that the numbers point is likely your case, you simply need to download an updated version of boot loader for your device and flash it on the phone. In most cases, updating the bootloader, radio, adsp together gives better result and android experience.
A Google Search for your device's bootloader should yield a needed result.

3-: if neither the number one (1) nor the number two (2) option has worked for you, you should try to reflash the ROM using the proper procedure I.e;
- Boot to recovery
- Wipe data/factory reset < br /> - Wipe cache
- Wipe delvic cache
- Then; flash the ROM

NoteIf none of these options has worked for you, the ROM you are flashing is most likely corrupted, simply download another ROM and flash it on the phone.

If you have any questions to ask or opinion to share, use the comment box below.

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