How to Correct Nokia Phones Contact, Call Log Errors

Sometimes, your Nokia phone may fail to read the phone contacts, show error message in displaying call logs or fail to show call logs at all. Also, it may no longer be able to store or save new contacts, here within this write up, we discuss how to solve this kind of problem without flashing the phone.

Why Do these Errors Occur?

To many, it is believed that if a Nokia phone developed this kind of problem, it is caused by virus and so, flashing the phone is the only remedy.

Well, in most cases, such problems are not caused by virus. It simply means that the phone inbuilt memory is almost full.
Perhaps, the phone is having few kbs or mbs of free space left, depending on the size of the phone's overall inbuilt memory.

Solution to this Kind of Problem

Since you have already known what the cause of the problem, you should know how to correct this kind of problem.

You simply have to free more space on the phone by deleting some of the files you have on the phone inbuilt memory or by moving them to your SD Card, if available.
Once done, simply restart the phone end enjoy your phone again.

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