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How to Flash New ROM On Android Device

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I am sure that, by reading this article, you probably know what an Android ROM is already and wants to know how to flash a new ROM on an android device.

Well, in case you don't know what an android ROM is; the ROM contains virtually, all the codes and data files that make up android OS. Each Android device has its own ROM image that contains files and codes needed to boot the device up and run Android on it.

How to Flash New ROM on Android Device

Depending on the type of ROM you wish to flash on your device, there are different methods of flashing a new ROM on an android device.
As discussed earlier on Aryk Wiki, the are two types of ROM namely;
Stock ROM and;
Custom ROM

Meanwhile, to flash Custom ROM on an android device, you need to have Custom Recovery flashed on the device already. However, to flash a Stock ROM on an Android device, it is not necessary to have a Custom Recovery on the device thus; any recovery can be used to flash a Stock ROM on an android device since the flashing process of a Stock ROM is being done from the bootloader.

How to Flash A New Custom ROM

1- First, you have to download the file or package that corresponds to the version of android device on which you are flashing the ROM. E.g, if the android device you are using is Samsung i9300, you need to download the exact ROM for that phone.

2- Put the file or package on the root of your SD Card thus, directly on the SD Card and not in any folder of the SD Card.

3- Now, boot the phone into the recovery mode. You can boot the phone into the recovery mode by using the recovery short cuts (combination of buttons) or using the command prompt command line; adb reboot recovery (does not work for all android devices).

4- Once in the recovery, do a factory reset of that phone and sometimes, you may wipe the delvic+cache as well.
5- Select the "Install Zip from SD Card" option then; "Choose zip from SD Card".

6- Confirm that you want to flash the file you have selected and wait patiently until the process completes then; reboot your phone.

Pro Tip: Although, most custom ROMs can work, run and function fully without gapps, but it is strongly recommended that you flash the appropriate gapps on the device after a new ROM is flashed. Also, remember that you need to have a Custom recovery flashed on your android device before a new Custom ROM could be flashed.

Refer to this page for info on how to flash gapps on an android device.

How to Flash A New Stock ROM on An Android Device

Depending on the one you have at your disposal, the Stock ROM is either made in .msi, .exe, or .zip format. If you have downloaded either the .msi or .exe format of the Stock ROM, the whole process has to be done on your PC however, if you have downloaded the .zip format of the Stock ROM, it should be done on your phone.

Unlike the Custom ROM, it is NOT necessary to have a custom recovery before a Stock ROM could be flashed on an android device since the process is being done from the bootloader.

It should also be stated that the process for flashing a Stock ROM on android devices are not the same, you need to know the specific guide or instructions to flash Stock ROM on a specific android device.

If you require tutorial on how to flash a Stock ROM on a specific android device, you may post your comments or opinion in the comment box below or use the Contact Us page.

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