How to Switch BBM Contacts from Blackberry Device to Another

For one reason or another, you might want to switch your Blackberry device and hopefully, you will want to move all your BBM Contacts with all other stuffs to the new Blackberry device you wish to continue with, here are some simple guides that would help you proceed without any difficulties.

This guide is given base on the fact that the Blackberry device you wish to start using is already in use and has an active BBM on it. If otherwise, you may proceed without following this guide.

Why Should you Follow this Guides?

You might be thinking that since you have your Blackberry ID or your email address registered on your Blackberry device, you do not have to follow this guides, here are some reasons why you should;

1- There is no way you could be certain that your Blackberry ID is connected to your BBM account except that you have done it once before and, uncertainty could make you loose all your BBM contacts.
2- Just as the case of your Blackberry ID, your email address is not certainly connected to your BBM always except that you are sure that you used the email address during your signing up. So, should you take the risk?

Switching BBM Contacts from One Blackberry Device to Another

For some security purposes, you cannot just switch from one Blackberry device to another and hope that you will continue accessing your BBM contacts on the new Blackberry device. To make accessing your BBM contacts possible on the new device, you should follow the simple guides given below;

1- First, to be on the safer side, connect the Blackberry device you wish to start using to your PC, laptop or desktop and backup the entire phone using the Blackberry Desktop manager. If you do not have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your PC, here is where to download one and here is how to Backup Blackberry device content.

2- Also, just in case you need it, you might want to backup the Blackberry device you are currently using, do so follwong the same procedure as you may have done in the step one (1) above.

3- Now, wipe the Blackberry device you wish to start using. You can wipe the device by going to Settings <<>> Security and Privacy <<>> Security Wipe. Type blackberry on the field that appears next then, select "Erase Data or Delete Data", whichever you see. Once the wiping process is complete, the phone should restart automatically and from there, you may proceed.

4- Once the phone has fully restarted, you should now connect it to the PC and restore the backup of the device you are currently using to the one you wish to start using now. Here is how to restore a backup file to blackberry device, just in case.

5- Once the restoration is complete, you can now go to BBM (Blackberry Messenger) on the phone and lunch it. It may ask you to update your Blackberry ID app, update it and restart the device again.

6- Once the device restarts, lunch BBM again. It may ask you to login to Blackberry ID, login or sign up another Blackberry ID account. Either ways, your previous BBM contacts would still be there. Just make sure you don't use Blackberry ID that belongs to another account entirely.

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