Mobogenie, the Best Google Play Store Alternative for Apps Download

In case the Google Play Store does not satisfy you or, for any reason, you just want an alternative to theGoogle Play Store on your phone, here is a very good alternative app to the Play Store.
Mobogenie is an android device application made to serving the purpose of the Google play store or probably do more than the play store could. If you are looking for an application you feel should work on your phone and is not found on the Google play store, you could give Mobogenie a try, it would definitely deliver.

Features of the Mobogenie App

Besides the clean designed UI of the app, there are quiet a number of features that will take your breath away.

1- The Pause And Resume Download: Using mobogenie app, you can initiate a download and pause it for any reason and for any long so that you may resume the download at a later time- this particular feature interests me a lot in the app.

2- App Search: to make locating the app of your choice easier, the search feature of the mobogenie is there for you. You can simply type in the name of the app or phrase that relates to the functions of the app you desire and mobogenie would bring them straight away.

3- Auto Update Feature: this particular feature can be set to on/off based on your choice. If you like, you might set mobogenie to auto update your apps including those that were not downloaded using the mobogenie could be auto updated.

4- App Manager And Queueing: within the mobogenie app, you have the options to install, uninstall or arrange your installed applications based on the categories each of them belongs.

Do you know of another application that is similar to mobogenie? Share your opinions and comments using the comment box below;

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