How to Download Nokia RM, Flash Files or Firmwares: A B C Updates

Within this page, we discuss the latest Navifirm windows program for downloading Nokia phones' firmwares and how it is being used. Also, the download link for the latest Navifirm program is included.

You are advised to download the lhuatest Navifirm program as the older versions may go in extinction (no longer function) any time soon.

As discussed in the A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineering eBOOK, published by Aryk Enterprise, NaviFirm is one of the best windows programs you can use to download all Nokia phones' firmware including the latest Nokia phones.
All you have to do is look for the phone's product code or RM Number and all the firmwares available for that particuar Nokia phone is at your fingertips.

With either the Nokia phone's product code or the RM number, you can search for the appropriate firmware for that particular phone within Navirfirm.

How to Download Nokia Firmwares Using Navirfirm

1- Get the latest Navifirm 3.2 from the Aryk Enterprise free of charge using the contact Widget by the Sidebar.
Please note that Navifirm would not run unless you have Netframework 4.0 or higher installed on your system.

2- Unzip the downloaded file somewhere on your PC. The file automatically creates a folder named "navifirmplus_3.2" for itself.

3- Locate the folder where the Navifirmplus is saved. Open the folder and double click "navifirmplus" file.

4- On the prompt that appears next, click "Run" to start the Navifirm program.

5- Now, Navifirm should open up. Please, take a closer look at the image below for a better understanding on how to search for the particular Nokia phone's firmware you are looking for.
Better still, check other illustrations on Nokia flash files here on this page.

Navirfirm 1
Right-click to view image
Navirfirm 2
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