How to Flash A Nokia Phone Using Nokia Best, BB5 Tools

Nokia Best Tutorial 1
Earlier on Aryk Enterprise blog, we discuss how to use Phoenix Service Software to flash and upgrade Nokia phones, now, we would discuss how to use this handy tool, Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool to flash and or upgrade any kind of Nokia Smart phones.

Requirements for Nokia Best, BB5 Tools

In order to make the Nokia Best program to work perfectly on your PC, you need to have the following items ready;
1- A Windows computer preferably running Windows 7. Windows XP SP2 or SP3 is also good for the Nokia best program.
2- Nokia PC Suite: you need to have Nokia PC Suite or better still, the Nokia Ovi Suite, or Nokia Suite installed on your PC. You need to have either of these Nokia programs installed on your PC bacause they contained the drivers necessary for any Nokia phones before any flashing session.
3- The correct flash files/firmware for any Nokia phone you wish to flash. The upgraded flash files/firmwares are prefered.
4- A compatible USB Cable or FLS device for that particular Nokia phone.
5- Finally, Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tools program on your PC.

How to Flash A Nokia Phone Using Nokia Best, BB5 Tools

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To flash a Nokia phone using Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool should now be very easy if you have gotten all the items mentioned above, all you know have to do is follow the guides below:

1- Lunch the Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool on your PC. Remember! You need to have put all the correct Nokia phone's flash files or firmwares in a folder. You may use the same folder as phoenix service software or set up another folder for the Nokia Best program.

2- Now, set up the Nokia Best program as seen in the images below, starting from the image N0 1.

3- Select the model number of the Nokia phone you wish to flash from the model list. NOTE: The Nokia phone's RM-Number represents the phone's model in the Nokia Best program. Simply select the correct RM-Number for the phone e.g RM-561 for the Nokia 2700.

4- Right below the Model list, you will see MCU, PPM1, PPM2, CNT1, CNT2, CNT3 boxes, simply click on each of them. And on each click, a window pops up, navigate to the folder where you save all the flash files or the specific flash files for the phone you wish to flash then; open the folder. The exact file for the box you have clicked would be displayed to you, simply double-click to select it.

5- Remember to check the Use Ini, Manual, DeadMode, boxes and remember to change the flash settings to FullFlashing on the image before you begin flashing.

6- Now, connect the phone you wish to flash to the PC using the compatible USB Cable or FLS device then; click on the Red FLASH icon.

7- After few seconds, Nokia Best asks you to Connect the phone to the interface, simply remove the phone's battery and re-insert it then, press the phone's power button just once. Nokia best should now see the phone and the flashing process should now commence fully.

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