How to Flash Blackberry Device

Recently, on Aryk Enterprise, we uploaded common Blackberry Device firmwares which can be used to flashing Blackberry device.
Now, we would discuss how to perform a FULL FLASH on Blackberry devices.

What is Full Flash?

You might be wondering what a Full Flashing could mean for a Blackberry Device, well, Full Flashing is different from ordinary flashing and so, it is more effective in correcting Blackberry device errors as maybe compared to the ordinary flashing.

What is Needed to Perform A Full Flash on Blackberry Device?

1- A Computer: your laptop or desktop computer is needed to perform a flashing operation on Blackberry smartphone.

2- Blackberry Desktop Manager: secondly, you need to have Blackberry Desktop manager installed on your computer, laptop or desktop. You can download Blackberry Desktop Manager from here.

3- Blackberry Desktop Software: this is the firmware that must be installed on your computer before a flashing operation could be performed on a Blackberry smartphone. Without this, you are just wiping off the phone in fact; in most cases, the system would do nothing on the phone. You can download one from here or do Google Search for it.

4- A Compatible USB Cable: and lastly, you need a compatible USB cable to connect your phone to the PC in order to carry out the flashing operation.

Flashing A Blackberry Smartphone

If you have gotten all the materials listed above, your next move is to proceed with the flashing operation by following the step by step guides given below.
1- Download And Install Blackberry Desktop Manager: click the link above to download Blackberry Desktop Manager and install it on your computer. The installation process is really simple and easy if you can just follow the instructions given to you by the InstallShield Wizard that appears once you doubleclick the downloaded software.

2- Download And Install the Firmware of your Choice: you can check from the link provided above to download a Blackberry Desktop Software/firmware for your phone. Or, do a Google Search for your Blackberry Smartphone's firmware and install it.
Please note that the version of firmware downloaded for your phone determines the version of OS that would be loaded on the phone after flashing.

3- Delete Vendor Specific Token: following every installation of any Blackberry Desktop Software/firmware on a PC, a specific token is dropped in a text file on the PC. This file prevents you from using a particular carrier firmware to flashing another carrier firmware. E.g. Using O2 firmware to flashing Tmobile Blackberry Smartphone.
To delete the vendor specific token, go to c:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\App Loader
On getting to the folder, go far down until you see a file named "Vendor", delete it and close the folder.

4- Lunch Blackberry Loader: within the same folder specified above, where the vendor file is located, go back up to locate a file name "App Loader", double-click the file to open it.

5- Connect your Blackberry Smartphone:: now, remove battery from your Blackberry smartphone and connect your Blackberry smartphone to the computer using a compatible USB cable. And immediately, insert battery in the phone again.

6- Wait for Drivers Installations: wait for the PC to install the necessary drivers for the phone. Immediately the installations complete, the loader box should show either your Blackberry device PIN or an "Unknow Device".

7- Click Next to Proceed: immediately the PIN or the "Unknown Device" shows up, click "Next" just once and wait for the program to complete the compilations.

8- Select the List of Programs: the next page presents to you the list programs available for your device. Select the ones you wish to install and click "Next".

9- Wait Patiently: now, wait patiently until the program completes the installations. Once the installations are complete, it will display a message confirming that. Just wait for your Blackberry smartphone to reboot then; unplug it.

Please note that, by performing a full flash on your Blackberry smartphone, the whole applications on the phone would be deleted and that; the firmware used to flash the phone determines your new OS.

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