How to Make Nokia Best Auto-Select Flash Files

Recently, we discussed how to flash Nokia phones using the Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool, here on Aryk Enterprise Blog, we will now discuss how to instruct Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool to auto-select flash files so to save the stress of selecting flash files by yourself and to avoid mistakes of any kind.
Just like the Phoenix Service Software, you can actually instruct Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool to load and auto-select flash files by itself.

What is Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool?

Just in case you are a novice, Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool is one of the best windows programs available for flashing Nokia phones. Using the Nokia Best, you have the options of flashing Nokia phones using USB Cable, UFS or JAF cables.

How to Instruct Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool to Auto-select Flash Files

Following the step by step guides given here, you should be able to instruct the Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool, to auto-select flash files. For the info on how to flash Nokia Phones using the Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool, click here.
1- First, create a folder on your PC where you want Nokia Best, BB5 Easy Service Tool to locate the flashfiles. The folder could be created anywhere on the PC however, creating a folder within your C folder (I.e C://) would require you to always start the Nokia Best program as Administrator.
2- Move all the Nokia Flash Files in the folder you have created and name the appropriately using their RMs. E.g. Nokia 5130 express music flash files' folder should be named as; RM-490.And the same naming formula goes with other flash files' folder.
3- Now, lunch the Nokia Best program on your Pc.
4- Locate the Settings on the Navbar. Go to Settings - Data Package Path - Change Act Dir then; navigate to the folder you may have created above or, to the folder you have kept all your Nokia flash files.
5- Now, click OK and save it. You can now exit Nokia Best program and restart it. Each time you select an RM to be flashed, Nokia Best automatically loads and select your flash files afterwards.
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