How to Put iPhone or iPad in DFU Mode

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Device Firmware Upgrade mode, DFU for short, it is a state in which any iOS device can be before it loads up the operating system (OS). At this state, you can actually alter the currently running OS on your iOS device provided that you know how to go about it.

For example, some Jailbreaking process requires you to put your iOS device in DFU mode before it can be done. Also, if you want to unlock your iDevice iCloud, DFU mode might be necessary.

Here within this page, we discuss how to put an iPhone or iPad into the DFU mode.

How to Put iPad or iPhone in DFU Mode

Putting iPad or iPhone in DFU Mode
1- Connect your Device to the PC.Unlike the case of Recovery Mode, before you can put an iPad or iPhone in DFU mode, you need to connect it to a PC that has iTunes installed on it.
2- Put off your DeviceNow, Press and hold the Power Button to power off your device. When the device promote, swipe right to shutdown the device.
3- Press and Hold Power ButtonWhen the device is completely shutdown, with the device still connected to the PC, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
4- Press And Hold Home-buttonAfter the first 3 seconds of holding the power button, now, press and hold the home button while still holding the power button.
5- Release Power ButtonAfter exactly 10 seconds of holding both the power button and the home button, release the power button. The iTunes should now defects your device in DFU mode and a message should be displayed on your PC.

Please, note that accurate timing is required to make this work, and that you may have to try it more than once before it works.

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