How to Share Glo Data Plan

You can now subscribe to a particular Glo data plan and share it among your friends who are also using Glo lines.

The Glo line to share with could be a ported line or a real Glo line thus any MTN, Etisalat or Airtel line that is ported to the Network can also share the data plan.

How the Glo Data Share Works

By subscribing to a single data plan from Glo, you can actually use the same data plan on different Glo lines within the same period of time.
Supposing you subscribed to a 800mb of data from Glo at a cost N2000 and of which will last 30days say; 15 February to 17 March.

Between this period, you can actually use the same data plan on different Glo lines by sharing it. But before you can share your Glo data plan, you should note these few terms;
1- You must subscribe to at least, N1000 data plan which is 350mb, before you can share it.
2- You can ONLY share Glo data with Glo lines. Either ported or real Glo lines.
3- You cannot share with more than 5 Glo lines.
4- You cannot allot or specify an amount of data usable for those lines you share your data with.
5- You cannot view the amount of data they have used. You can only view the amount of data you have left.

How to Share the Glo Data Plans

As always, you have two (2) options of sharing the Glo data plan;
1- The HSI Portal
2- The USSD Codes

Personally, I prefer the HSI portal because of the way the data usage are being presented on the portal.
How to Share Glo Data Using the Portal
To share using the HSI portal, simply visit the HSI Portal here, if you have already subscribed, you will see your subscription details immediately and the option to share your data.

To Share Glo Data Using USSD Code
Look at the table below to see how to share and manage your data plan using USSD codes.

Glo Data Share USSD Codes
1- To Check data balance dial:*127*0# and then, send
2- To share data plan with a line dial:*127*01*the glo line#
3- To unshare data plan with a line dial:*127*02*the glo line#

You must have an active subscription before you can be able to share a data plan with any Glo line and immediately your subscriptions expires, all the lines you share with are gone.

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