HTC HD2: How to Soft Format/Factory Reset

For one reason or another, you might want to soft format or factory reset your HTC HD2 (Windows Phone), here within this article, we discuss how to simply factory reset or soft format your HTC HD2.
This method is especially useful when you have forgotten your pass code/password and as a result of this, you could not gain access to the phone.

Soft Format or Factory Reset HTC HD2

It's actually simple to soft format or factory reset your HTC HD2 but, bear this in mind that this process will erase all the contents of your phone including the contacts, messages, media saved on the phone memory, downloaded applications and others.

Now, to proceed soft formating or factory resetting your HTC HD 2 (Windows Phone), follow the step by step guides given below;
1- Power off the phone: you can either normally power off the phone or pull off the battery in the phone. Just shut the phone down.

2- Press And Hold Volume buttons: now, put the battery back in the phone and press and hold the volume buttons (both volume up and volume down) together.

3- Press And Hold Power Button: while still pressing the volume buttons, press and hold the power button together with volume buttons for some seconds until a screen comes up.

4- Follow the On-Screen Instruction: On the screen that comes, you will be asked to press the volume down button to initiate/begin the soft format or factory reset process.

5- Wait for Reboot: once the process is complete, wait for few seconds for the to automatically reboot itself and enjoy.

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