Putting iPad or iPhone in Recovery Mode

Similar to the androids, the recovery is the partition where maintenance operations are being done on an iOS device. And booting an iOS device into the recovery mode is relatively complex compare to the androids if you don't know how to do it.
Here within this page, we discuss how to boot an iPhone or iPad into the recovery mode.

How to Put iPad or iPhone in Recovery

Putting iPad or iPhone in Recovery Mode
1- Disconnect your iPhone or iPad:
you might not be able to
put it in recovery mode
if it's not disconnected.
iPhone iPad
2- Put off your Device:
Press and hold the Power Button
for few seconds. Drag
the soft button right when
it appears to power off.
iPhone iPad
3- Press and Hold Home Button:
When the phone is off, press
and hold the round home-
button for few seconds.
iPhone iPad
4- Hold Home-button Still:
While still holding the home button,
connect the phone to the PC for
few more seconds.
i Phone i Pad 4 wm
5- Now, Tap Power Button:
Now, tap the power button
for 3 seconds and release
the iTunes logo should come up.
i Phone i Pad 5 wm
6- Lunch iTunes:
iTunes should now detect your
device by displaying the image here.
i Phone i Pad 6 wm

Please, note that accurate timing is required to make this work, and that you may have to try it more than once before it works.

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