10 Nokia Phone Problems that Demand Flashing

Just for knowing sake or any other reasons, we have compiled ten (10) problems or issues that might be facing your Nokia phone and of which, flashing the phone might be the last resort to resolve the problem.
In case you don't know, flashing involves clearing your Nokia phone's system files and in so doing, replacing the phone's system files with entirely new one.

Depending on the type of Nokia phone, the new flash files to be used could be upgraded or downgraded version, it is always STRONGLY ADVISED to use an upgraded version of flash files.

10 Nokia Phone Problems Correctable By Flashing

All the issues listed below are common issues with most Nokia phones and are often correctable by flashing the phone.

1- Off And On: when you noticed that a Nokia phone suddenly begins coming on and off, this kind of problem is caused by some uncompleted sequence(s) of the phone's system files and had corrupted the phone's system files.
Your solution -flashing the phone

2- White Screen: this is another common problem that affects Nokia phones. This kind of problem can be caused by three (3) things: i- the phone screen ii- the phone flex (if at all) iii- corrupted system files.
If it isn't flex that connects the phone's screen/front panel to the board, then white screen problem is caused by either the phone's damaged screen or corrupted system files. Visit this page to learn how to be certain if the problem was caused by the phone's screen or corrupted system files.
Your solution -flash the phone or change the screen

3- Slow Behaviour: it could be so irritating to using a phone that slows down too much. This kind of problem is usually caused by consumed application memory of the phone. And to free just enough memory space for the phone to regain its speed, you just have to flash the phone.

4- Security Code Request: if you have protected your Nokia phone with a security code or password, and for one reason or another; you forgot the password or security code, your ONLY option might be to flash the phone.

5- Call Button Inactivity: at some point, a Nokia phone's call button might become so inactive that it switches off the phone whenever the button is pressed, the ONLY option you have here is to flash the phone because you need to reconfigure the phone and restore it to factory defaults.

6- Call Logs/Register Failure: this is a similar problem to the call button problem. Sometimes, loading call logs/register hangs up some Nokia phones or switches the phone off. To resolve this problem, you could free the phone's inbuilt memory or flash the phone.

7- Application Certificate Error: if you notice that whenever you try to install certain applications on your phone, the phone says " Certificate not on SIM or Phone", the solution here is always to perform a FULL FLASHING on the phone using upgraded flash files.

8- Application Corruption: often times, when your Nokia phone is affected by virus, it begins to corrupt installed applications on the phone and makes the phone malfunction.
Your solution -flash the phone.

9- Driver Installation Error: you might want to connect your Nokia phone to a PC and found out that the PC does not recognise your phone as a result of incomplete driver installations on the PC. This is also mostly caused by corrupt system files of the phone.
Your solution -flashing the phone.

10- Short Power/Viberation at Startup: if a Nokia phone only vibrates whenever you try to put on the phone, it is most likely that the phone had been flashed using an outdated flash files or flash files older than the one that was on the phone.
To correct this error and bring the phone back to live, you only have to flash the phone again using the latest flash files for that phone.

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