ABC Mobile Phone Software Engineer Video Tutorial Package Now Available

For about two years, we at Aryk Enterprise have being halping people become a sound mobile phone software engineer and to make it even more easier; the video tutorial package is now available for you.

As requested by one of the mobile phone software engineers who have trained and acquired the knowledge by studying the A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineer eBOOK that a video format of the A B C to mobile phone software engineer eBOOK be made for easier learning and better understanding, we have completed compiling the video tutorials and the package is now as a whole.
As always, we have made this video package available in a different friendly and cost effective bundles.

Teachings And Video Tutorials Contained In the Package

In a quest to making this package more understandable, we have included live practicals under each section that requires it.

Meanwhile, all the teachings in this package are demonstrated and shown for better understanding and few of the teachings in the Video Tutorial package are listed below;
Teachings on android devices:

- Introduction to the android devices
- Using Command Prompt/Terminal to execute and accomplish certain operations on android devices
- Rooting Android Phones -Android roots and how it is being gained
- Upgrading And Downgrading Android Phones
- Android ROMS; how to safely change android ROMs
- Bringing a dead android phone back to live
- And many more

Teachings on Nokia Phones

- Flashing Nokia phones
- Upgrading Nokia phones
- Removing (Lock) Security Lock on Nokia phones
- Refurbishing Nokia Phones and many more

Teachings on Blackberry Phones

- Flashing/Reloading Blackberry phones
- Removing Security Lock on Blackberry Phones
- Wiping Blackberry Phones

Teachings on iOS Devices

- How to Bypass Activation Screen on Apple A4 devices
- How to Reload or Upgrade iPhone, iPads and iPods
- How to Remove iCloud Lock on Apple A4 Devices

Content of the Package

In order to make things much more easier, we have included virtually all the software materials needed for you.

So, you may decide to start using these softwares for your own personal use or for commercial purposes to making money -your choice.
Below is a list of few of the software materials included in the package;
1- A B C to Mobile Phone Software Engineer eBOOK
2- Nokia Best, BB5 (JAV) Nokia Flashing Software Program
3- Android Debug Bridge Tool -the latest ADB Tools
4- Android Root Tools
5- Major Android Drivers
6- Blackberry Desktop Managers
7- All Common Blackberry Desktop Softwares
8- About 53 Common Nokia Phone Flash Files
9- Nokia PC Suite
10-Phoenix Service Software (Nokia Flashing Tools)
11- Nokia Flash Files Downloader -this tool contains all the latest and all Nokia flash files you may ever need.
12- 2 fully functional modem unlockers
13- Apple iTunes
14- Jave for Windows 32 ONLY
15- iTools -for backing up and restoring iDevices

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