Access Etisalat Service Codes With Just One Code

The need to know all the Etisalat Service codes is no longer necessary as you can now access all Etisalat Nigeria service codes with just one code.
For example, you might want to migrate your Etisalat tariff plan from EasyCliq to EasyStarter then, register one U&ME etisalat number. It easy now, you only have to dial a single USSD Code.

Instead of you having to know the Etisalat EasyStarter Migration and the Etisalat U&Me registration code, you only have to know the Etisalat Easy Access USSD code that gives you access to all Etisalat service codes which is *200#.

By dialing *200# you will have access to all Etisalat service codes which include;
1- The Etisalat Blackberry Subscription codes
2- The Internet Bundles Subscription codes
3- The Etisalat Tariff PLans
4- The Etisalat Extras Service codes such as U&ME, Data Bonus and others
5- The Etisalat OPt-Out codes
6- Etisalat Promotional codes
7- Etisalat Selfservice and recharge codes and so much more

Now, if you want to subscribe to etisalat Blackberry plan, internet bundles, migrate your tariff plan, register your U&Me number or simply cancel a subscription, you simply have to dial just this one code: *200#.

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