Android Kernel At A Glance

If you ever wonder what a Kernel is or, its functions in an android device, within this article, we discuss a brief info about the android kernel, it functions and how it helps in the proper functioning of your android device or otherwise, how it may affect your android device.

What is An Android Kernel?

The kernel, in an android device, is like an interface layer between the hardware and the software of an android device.
Being an interface layer between the hardware and the software of an android device, the android kernel performs many functions in an android device.
For instance;
An application sends a request to the Operating System (OS) to blink the LED light. The Operating System then sends the request to the kernel, which then makes the light flash for the number of times requested by the OS.

That said, the kernel decides when things happen, how frequent or often such things should happen and for how long.
The android kernel is more like an intermediary between and for your android softwares and hardwares.

A good kernel can help your android device run faster, smoother and also, help manage your battery.

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