Call Recorder App for Android Devices

Automatic Call recorder app is one of the best call recorder applications available on the Google Playstore. Besides the smart call recording functionality of the application, it comes with far better, smoother interface.
So, if you are looking for a way to spy on your callers, wishes to keep the memories of some lovely calls you receive or simply for record keeping, automatic call recorder is for you.

Features of the Automatic Call Recorder

1- Cloud Storage: for any reason at all, you might decide to also have the recorded calls saved on cloud storages like "Dropbox or Googledrive" so that you may always have access to your recorded call wherever you may be.

2- Inbox And Save Storage: of course, not all the calls would be so important for you to save so, in order to maximise your storage space, automatic call recorder temporarily saves your recorded calls in an in-app inbox so that you may select which ones to save later and discard other ones.

3- Background Functions: the automatic call recorder runs in the background and only becomes visible only when you are either making outgoing calls or receiving calls. This way, your android device's battery is preserved by the automatic call recorder.

4- 3 Supported Audio File Formats: the automatic call recorder supports three (3) audio file formats so, depending on your storage space, you may decide to choose between 3gp, amr or wav file formats and still have super quality audio output.

5- Record Filter: in case you do not wish to record calls from or to some specific contacts, you may decide to filter them out of your recording lists.

The automatic call recorder app features all the mentioned functionalities and much more.

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