Capture Screen, One of the Best Screen Capture App for Androids

The use of screen capture applications is becoming much more needed on most smartphones especially, android devices. In case you are in need of a screen capture application that works just the way you want, here is one for you.
Capture Screen is one of the best screen cature aoolications for your android devices.

Features of the Capture Screen

1- Shake Functionality: Once the Capture SCreen application is installed and started on your phone, a screen capture can be taken on the phone by simply shaking the phone.

2- On-screen Toobler: alternatively, you can decide to using the On-screen toobler of the Capture Screen application to capture screen shots on the phone.

3- Notification Area icon: Screen capture can also be taken from the notification area of the phone. Once the application is started, the app's icon notification becomes visible on the notification area. By tapping the icon, a screen capture can also be made.
NOTE: You can choose to use one (1) from the capturing options or use all.

4- Rename Functions: you can choose to either rename the captured screen shots whenever you capture a screen or not.

5- Storage OPtions: you can also choose the directory in which you wish to have your captured screenshots saved. Either the SD Card or Inbuilt storage.

Capture Screen apk Download Links
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Capture ScreenCapture ScreenCapture Screen

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