Download Official MIUI ROM for HTC Sensation; G14/G18

MIUI ROM is an entirely redefined version of android ROM available for various android devices so, if you have had of how great MIUI ROM is and wishes to try it on your HTC Sensation, G14/G18 here is one for you to download.

Features of MIUI ROM For the HTC Sensation

Although personally, we have not tested this MIUI ROM for the HTC Sensation but we have flashed the ROM on several HTC Sensations either G14 or G18 brought to Aryk Enterprise workshop for upgrades and none has ever complained one bug or another.

Meanwhile, in case you are new to MIUI ROM, we would list the common general feature of MIUI ROMs below here;
1- Smooth Glossy Feel: if you are the type that prefers smoothness in android, I bet that MIUI ROM is for you. With the smart, smooth and glossy iPhone-like luncher of the MIUI, you can't just resist trying out the ROM.

2- Inbuilt Call Recorder: MIUI has an inbuilt call recorder functionality that can record calls of any lenght and saved in either mp3, aac or amr formats.

3- Inbuilt RAM Manager: Also with an inbuilt RAM manager that comes with the MIUI ROM, you always clear the app that consumes much memory on your phone in order to make your phone run faster.

4- Advanced Notification Bar/Toggle: with the advanced double-sided toggle of the MIUI ROM, you can always have your favourite and commonly used apps right on top.

5- Screenshot Plugin: everybody wants to have screenshot apps on every smartphones these days so, with the inbuilt screenshot plugin of the MIUI ROM, you do not need any other screenshot app installed on the phone.

6- Best Native/Inbuilt Browser: to be candid, MIUI has one of the best inbuilt browser I have ever used. An inbuilt browser that makes you feel like you're still on your desktop/laptop computers.
7- Root Access: just like every other custom ROMs, MIUI comes with root access. Just that, its root functionality is rebranded to suit the need of the ROM.

HTC Sensation (G14/G18) MIUI ROM Download
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