Free Windows 7 Hacktivator Download: Activate All Windows 7

Activate Windows 7 Using Windows 7 Hacktivator

If the Windows 7 installed on your PC is no longer genuine and is requesting for the activation key, you can activate your Windows 7 using this Windows 7 Hacktivator. Either Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Premium or any version of Windows 7 can be activated using this free and working Windows 7 hacktivator.

How to Activate Your Windows 7 Using this Hacktivator

1. Disable your Installed Antivirus Program: most antivirus programs see hacktivator program as virus because of the work they do, "removing restrictions" therefore; you need to disable your antivirus program before you download and run this Windows 7 activator on your PC.

2. Download and extract this Windows 7 Hacktivator on a folder on your PC. You can Download Windows 7 Hacktivator from here. Once the download is complete, you may extract the activator into a folder on your PC using WinZIP, WinRAR or any other ZIP File extractor program.

3. Locate And Lunch the Hacktivator: on your PC, locate the folder where you extracted the Windows 7 hacktivator you just downloaded. Open the folder and lunch the hacktivator program on your PC.

4. Hold on for Windows InstallShield wizard to come up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions by the program until the installation process is complete.

5. Now that the hactivator has been installed on your PC, restart your PC. Once your PC restarts, the hacktivator program's job is done. And your PC is now running a fully activated Windows 7!

NOTE: Usually, when you format a PC and loads Windows 7 (Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional) on the PC, it is actually possible to complete the installation without a valid activation key but, definitely, after a period of one month (30 Days), the Windows 7 on the PC becomes less effective thereby requesting for your activation key.
In order to save you the troubles of looking for a genue Windows 7 or a Windows 7 activation key, you can simply download this Windows 7 hacktivator in the link above, run it on your PC and pronto! Your Windows 7 is activated!


  1. I am not able to download hacktivator. please update the link

    1. You may re-download the ROM now. The download link is available.